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Every Summer Has A Story

For many, summer is a time of relaxation; but for children living in poverty, summer months present a threat. Children from low-income households lose reading skills during summer break because they lack access to books in their homes. Up With Books, Inc. promotes reading and literacy by providing  books for underprivileged children.
Up With Books serves children who are most at-risk for summer learning setback. We created a summer reading program, Every Summer Has a Story, to provide a bag full of books to children in need.  Up With Books strives to empower low-income children to close the reading achievement gap, which provides them with the opportunity to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty. 

Students who lose reading ability over the summer rarely catch up.  Over time, the summer learning slide can add up to the equivalent of three years of reading loss by the end of fifth grade.  A lack of academic achievement is a key reason students drop out of high school.  Those who do not have a high school diploma will earn less than those who do, and significantly less than those with a college degree.  In addition, 78% of juvenile crime is committed by high school dropouts.  Two-thirds of prison inmates do not have a high school diploma.
Children from low-income households suffer from lower school achievement than their middle-class peers. One of the largest contributors to this disparity is the lack of continued learning during the summer. Studies have shown that providing children with books for summer reading allows them to gain, rather than lose, reading skills over the summer. 

Up With Books believes that every summer has a story. For children living in poverty, that story can be one of lost opportunity. We invite you to join us in helping children write a different story for themselves. Together, we can help children experience a summer of growth and overcome barriers to learning. 

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