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Access to Books in COVID-19

We are all still powering through COVID-19, a time where many have even less resources than they are used to having. For the last 10 months we have all been reflecting on the things we have taken for granted, discovered new ways of continuing our normal lives, and learned to let go of things we might have to do without for the time being. This specifically impacts children who need access to books, both for school and reading for fun. School and public libraries are the main source of literature for many children, and because of the constant changes to the pandemic these sources may not be reliable anymore. The unforeseeable changes caused by the pandemic makes it even more important for children to have access to books in their homes.

School libraries often have books selected specifically for certain grade levels to read with a range of different genres, styles, and reading levels for the students to choose from. However, with many schools either fully or partially remote it is difficult to notice when a student needs a new book or have the chance to provide new books for others. Because of the pandemic, items such as books are also discouraged from being shared or passed around between students in caution of spreading any sickness through schools or houses. It is much safer at this time for students to have their own books at home instead of relying on the school’s books.

While most libraries have a system of checking out books safely, the process is still slow and cautious in order to ensure any sickness is not being spread. This approach is much more demanding for both students and parents who need to constantly visit the library to pick up, check out, or return books so that the children can continue reading throughout the school year. With so many changes to interactions caused by the Coronavirus, children having their own books at home relieves any stress about the pandemic and provides children with a fun and safe pastime. Now more than ever it is so important to help put books in the homes of children who do not have access to them. Together we will be able to get through this pandemic and be able to work, read, and live like we have before.

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